Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Brief post - tired

I can tell how tired I am (we are in the process of moving), because I started a new post and put in older pix. duh.
Here we go:
 Bananas..I think apple bananas, due to their small size and shape.

The gardener gave me a plumeria. And I thanked him and took it home. It lasted quite a while with water in my shotglass.
Clouds and pretty orange flowers. This is one of the trees that has the flowers way high up, so I rarely get to be close to the actual individual flower.

I think of the Trinity when I see these bougainvillea with 3 flowers..

Cactus rose. Will it ever really open?
 Creamy white with dew drops. Another good reason to walk early in the day!

 They cut these pineapples, hopefully to eat. They were gone by the next time I walked past.

The white one below is currently resting on my computer screen at home....well, the photo of it is.

 I waited for these to bloom.

This cloud reminded me of a tornado. Which, thankfully, it wasn't.

 This French bulldog never stood still long enough so I could get a good photo.

Java Sparrows galore. There were about 30 or so of them near the 2 feeders.
 Note they also rested on the branches near the feeders, I think because I surprised them. We call 'em tuxedo birds.
 And speaking of surprise, I was quite surprised to see Kolea! I'm told by the Honolulu Zoo folks that sometimes the young ones don't migrate.

Common Myna flying off over a Saffron Finch.

 More creamy white

Whoever except God would think of adding that nice touch of pink at the edges?
 Saffron Finches scanning for breakfast. The interwebs tell me they eat seeds.

 Wish this was my Mango tree.

 Puffballs with small berries. Seeds maybe?

 Two Saffron Finches talking it over.

Pretty and delicate fleur in jail.

A good reason not to buy those metallic balloons. This one was too high in the tree for me to get it down.

These blue orchids don't last long, but sure are pretty while they are blooming.

And that's the flower story for this past week. Lots of lovelies.

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