Saturday, February 15, 2020

One octopus..and it flew!

I was back up in the photos department: 418! And oddly, they were mostly pictures of the one and only octopus that I saw. Fully out, it preened, watched, blew out sand and then flew to other rocky outcroppings.
 This octopus kept this stance, for the most part. Showing its suckers underneath. Kinda like lifting up its petticoat.

You can see inside, to spot its breathing apparatus..
 From above.
 And here's the Bluefin Trevally that started the whole show. I'm glad that my presence eventually made the fish depart. I did it for you, He'e!

All circled up. 
 Below, you can see the eyes. I rarely see any octo-art that accurately depicts their eyes.

Below, the he'e from above. The octopus definitely turned around so it could keep me in sight.
 And then it flew off to sit atop a rock. The surrounding fishes were excited!

This is what it looked like as it swam. All curled up and brown.

The Saddle Wrasse and Goat fish def thought the octopus exciting. 
 As it started flying away. I think this one might have been missing a leg.
If you'd like to see some videos, on, search for octopigirl7. Et voila!

And I was not bored as I waited for enough light to go in: We had very nice colors as the sun started coming up.

The one below not only had color, but look for the big wave that hit land just below the middle.

 It was tough deciding which shots to include. All were so pretty.

 This was the first one. Before much light arrived. Isn't God's universe incredible?

So before all the octo-excitement, here are some of the fish I saw. Oh and a shell too! Lived in by a hermit crab.
 Barred filefish. You can see the water wasn't the most clear ever.
 But it was clear enough to spot the hermit crab inside the shell. Where it lives still, I'd guess.
 An Operculum that I couldn't take home. Drat!
 The Picasso Humu. And showing its spike.
 And a Sergeant Major. I saw others that were tiny.
 This eel was hanging out near the octopus.
 Oops. Another photo of the siphon and the suckers underneath.
One photo after it flew and landed. 
I eventually decided that I had bothered it enough and swam away.
So happy to have seen this octopus and its antics. They are amazing creatures.

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