Saturday, March 3, 2018

Poor vis but still saw octopus and flounder!

I was surprised today to not only see the deep part posted No Swimming (due to rip currents), but that the smaller pond had really funky visibility. So sad! But I kept at it and was rewarded with one octopus:

I kept trying but couldn't get a great snap, because of the poor visibility in the water. But I'm still happy I saw one! I was thinking with the visibility the way it was, I might have to be happy with none. One is definitely better...
 One seal was snoozing when I went in. Two more joined later..when I didn't have my camera! drat!

 You can see the visibility wasn't good..this Humu was about a foot away from me and it still wasn't clear.
 Eel 1 and 2, below.

Cute flounder. This baby was about maybe 3 inches long, top to tail.
 You can see the trail left by the Honu when it dragged itself on land.

Moorish Idol.
 Possibly nudibranch eggs.
 Starfish legs...this guy was startled when I pulled a fishing line and weight off a rock. My movement turned the rock over and the starfish scooted back under cover.

This wrasse was following me! It is the same kind that I cut fishing line off of a few weeks ago.  Maybe it's the same fish. ha.

Still glad to get in the water, even if the vis wasn't good...

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