Saturday, July 23, 2016

Clouds when I've been up for hours already!

Clouds here on Kauai are always pretty fascinating.  to me, at least!

I am trying out a new blog spot...wordpress was telling me that I was getting too big for my britches, so I'm working to see if this new one will be good.  My own domain, too:
I think.

And since I just now started this new thing, I haven't figured out how to "design" the blog. This I will discover!  Perhaps I will leave it as it is, and let the photos decide the colors. We'll see...I'm hoping there's  way to comment on this.  And that I can get a link to work...I do not want to lose my wordpress followers!

The moon was showing its face this morning, too:

And again:

 I guess I shouldn't use blue, if I make a background color. HA

Pretty hibiscus, too.
 Again making use of the microscope feature, which allows me to get really close.

Final cloud:

I will send this to some people that regularly read the blog....let me know what you think! And since my usual concept with my hair is to throw my hands through it and rush out the door, that might be the way I design this blog! Stay tuned..

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